Friday 22 March 2013

Is Peter Jackson a mystery auction buyer?

A news story doing the rounds this week, emanating from the Entertainment Weekly website, concerns Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson.

It’s been long known that Peter is a Doctor Who fan - especially of the Sylvester McCoy era.

In August 2011 I reported the news that Peter Jackson showed off his original Doctor Who costumes to Sylvester himself when he was auditioning for his role in The Hobbit.

The current story centres on a quote from Peter where he expresses his desire to direct a future episode of Doctor Who, stating he’d do it and only ask for a Dalek in exchange for his fee!

But the part of the article that caught my attention more than anything was the photo of Peter surrounded by part of his collection of Who props.

Firstly he is wear a (not so good) Tom Baker scarf. “So?” you might ask - but if you look carefully you’ll see it is part of a lot that sold at Bonhams in 2007.

The sale was of particular note as and ORIGINAL Tom Baker velvet frock coat sold for £8,400 - but a poorly matched ensemble costume sold for a staggering £24,600!

The scarf he is wearing is part of that costume.

It would now appear the buyer was none other than Peter Jackson!

Furthermore the Cyberman lurking at the back looks to be one of those sold at the 2010 Bonhams Doctor Who Auction.

It might appear that this A-list director has been a secret auction stalker for quite some time...

Magnoli Clothiers - season 16 Frock Coat

The past couple of months I have reviewed the Fourth Doctor coats on offer from Baron Boutique and Cosplay Sky. This month I thought I’d have a look at the options from Magnoli Clothiers.
Based in New Zealand, Magnoli Clothiers makes reproduction vintage and popular film costumes. Garments are made in Thailand and India, with accessories and some leather goods made in America, China and New Zealand.
Originally making Indiana Jones costumes, they have branched out to cover a wide variety of film and tv clothes.
Currently the only Fourth Doctor item on offer is the season 16 Frock Coat. A version of the season 12 shooting jacket and the season 18 greatcoat were available, but seem to have been withdrawn from sale.

Baker Frock Coat
Price as of March 2013 - $850

Having seen the original coat on display at the Doctor Who Experience, I find it difficult to like this replica.

My first problem is how the coat is displayed on the website. It is creased and crushed, in desperate need of a press or steam, making it look like its been rescued from a charity shop. It is shown on a mannequin, but is buttoned up - a state the coat is never seen in on screen, so makes it look even less like the original garment.

So now I have that off my chest, what about the coat itself from a design view.

The fabric used, though from a distance looking not a bad colour, is far fro the right weave. It is described as a tweed, but has a visible waffle finish to it which isn’t right.

It lacks the weight of the Harris Tweed the real coat is made from and looks more like a suiting or jacket fabric.

The cut of the lower part of the coat is too straight and doesn’t have the flare that a classic frock coat should display, looking more like a Cromie overcoat.

The lapels and collar look way too small, and the waistline pockets by comparison look too large!

Across the body of the coat, the placement of the buttons is incorrect, with them in two vertical lines rather than diverging.
Again, if the construction of the coat was understood, this would not look like this.

The trim is made from bias binding, which is a cheap alternative to the correct woven braid.

The button holes on the lapels look too small and lack the impact of the original. Their placement is a bit off too, with the top-most too close to the lapel point for my liking.

The back of the coat is unseen, so I cannot comment on if it has the correct large back pockets in the skirt; the princess seems on the upper back or have the right spacing of the waistline buttons.

Saturday 9 March 2013

MORE 4th Doctor items on eBay

Not strictly a screen worn costume, this item popped up on eBay this month and I thought it worth sharing as it is beautifully drawn.

The Brain Of Morbius
costume design

I was lucky enough to own the original of this sisterhood costume sketch for many years. Before I sold it I had 2 copies made. One for me, and one for a friend. Sadly the friend passed before I could give it him. Hence now after holding onto to it a few years I feel the time is right to let another collector enjoy it. It is printed on top quality glossy paper. You will not be disappointed. The original would cost a lot of money now, so for the true fan this is a cheaper version. I only have one when its gone its gone.

The size is 42cm lengh by 30cm width. Also this isn’t some cheap photocopy done by myself. It was done at a local art supplies shop on their professional equipment on super thick glossey paper.