Sunday 15 December 2013

ORIGINAL TV Comic artwork on eBay

These don’t come up so often, so I thought it worth sharing.

Original TV Comic artwork
by John Channing
SOLD FOR £1,020.55

This is the original artwork from TV Comic Issue 1252 by John Channing – featuring the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane battling some (pretty fast moving!) Daleks. It was first published in December 1975.

It is a finely detailed work in pencil and ink, with much of the finer pencil detail still clearly visible beneath the inked areas. As was always the case with John Channing, speech balloons were overlaid the finished illustration – since these are thinner than the board they’re stuck to they age at a faster rate – which is why you can see some areas of the artwork underneath visible through the speech balloons.

This always happens with work of this genre and in no way distracts from the overall impact of the piece – indeed, it’s part of its history!

The board measures approx 38cms x 47cms.

I obtained this piece from a collector of comic book original artwork around ten years ago.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Herbert Johnson fedora on eBay

I must say first of all this is NOT a screen-worn hat, but it is an original period Herbert Johnson, by the makers of Tom’s fedoras.

These are quite rare to see, so I thought it worth highlighting just as good reference material as there are some nice pictures accompanying the listing.

I would have bid on it myself, but only being a 6 7/8 it’s too small for me!

Tom Baker hat
Herbert Johnson vintage fedora
SOLD FOR £54.99

Here we have an identical style of fur felt, broad brimmed floppy hat as worn by Tom Baker when he was Doctor Who.

It is made by the same make of bespoke hatters, Herbert Johnson and was made in the 1970’s. These hats are very rare.

The hat is brown (chocolate) colour, size 6 and 7/8*

This hat has seen better days. I think it may have got wet in the rain at some point and has become a bit distorted and shrunk a little. I say this because it is labelled as *6 and 7/8 but I think it is smaller (I have other hats that are bigger and labelled this size, also the crown of the hat seems squatter than it should). The internal band that lines the inside is split in afew places (see pics).

Low starting price because of these issues, so grab yourself a bargain!

Even so, it would look great on a hat stand with a Doctor Who scarf.

This is certainly more authentic than the official BBC, Fourth Doctor hats that are for sale at the moment!

Sunday 1 December 2013

Time Lord robes on eBay

There have been a couple of interesting lots on eBay over the past few months, which in combination make a full Time Lord costume as first seen in The Deadly Assassin, though these costumes possibly date from later stories.

Time Lord Collar
SOLD FOR £565.55

Genuine BBC prop believed to have been made by BBC Enterprises in the late 80's early 90s for the launch of the VHS Doctor Who range with Jon Pertwee. Used in various promotion events in Virgin Megastores. Various promotions also took place with Sylvester McCoy and Tom Baker.

This is a really lovely item and indistinguishable from the original TV props. Cast from the same moulds and decorated with ornate embellishments and the crest of the Prydonian Chapter (in case you were wondering!). It has been stored in a garage for 20 odd years and is remarkably good for its age. This is an incredibly rare piece made available for the 50th anniversary. Auction includes collar and skull cap.

Time Lord Robes

Rare Original classic BBC TV Doctor Who Time Lord costume prop Bonhams 2010
This costume was purchased initially from the famous Bonhams Doctor Who Auction sale in February 2010.

Originally sold at Bonhams in February 2010 to a private collector. Costume comes fully authenticated with certificate.

There is a tag that has been retained with the costume from the original sale, confirming the Bonhams sale number 18192 and the lot number 154.

The Bonhams Catalogue listing for this item reads:
24 Feb 2010 14:00 GMT London, Knightsbridge
Doctor Who: The Auction - Costumes and Props from the BBC Archive
154 The Deadly Assassin, October 1976
A Time Lord Robe,
of pink coloured, heavy cotton mix fabric, with pleated sleeves and front

I cannot personally confirm that this costume was used in The Deadly Assassin as I do not have any photographs from this.

N.B: A friend advised me that this costume was seen in the 1986 season story; The Trial of a Timelord in the courtroom scenes set on Gallifrey, worn by the clerk of the court, and provided me with a screen snapshot from this. SEE PHOTOGRAPHS. I leave this to the buyer's judgement to verify this.

The robe measures approx 56 inches from the reverse nape of the neck to the floor.

The robe is in very good condition considering its age; there is no visible damage to the fabric - no rips, tears or holes. There is some production wear to the robe, this is in the form of some slight dirt marks and scuffing to the hem where the long train has presumably trailed along the studio floor.

The costume has been carefully stored since purchase.