Sunday 15 December 2013

ORIGINAL TV Comic artwork on eBay

These don’t come up so often, so I thought it worth sharing.

Original TV Comic artwork
by John Channing
SOLD FOR £1,020.55

This is the original artwork from TV Comic Issue 1252 by John Channing – featuring the fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane battling some (pretty fast moving!) Daleks. It was first published in December 1975.

It is a finely detailed work in pencil and ink, with much of the finer pencil detail still clearly visible beneath the inked areas. As was always the case with John Channing, speech balloons were overlaid the finished illustration – since these are thinner than the board they’re stuck to they age at a faster rate – which is why you can see some areas of the artwork underneath visible through the speech balloons.

This always happens with work of this genre and in no way distracts from the overall impact of the piece – indeed, it’s part of its history!

The board measures approx 38cms x 47cms.

I obtained this piece from a collector of comic book original artwork around ten years ago.

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