Thursday 8 February 2018

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 18th August 1999
Film, Entertainment & Celebrity Autographs

I found this old Bonhams catalogue from 1999 on eBay recently, and it’s got a good selection of costumes and props from a range of eras of Doctor Who.

There are some amazing costumes listed in this sale, many of which haven’t seen the light of day since. It would be amazing to know where they are!
As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the Fourth Doctor era

Lot 114
Doctor Who
A ‘Tom Baker’ style multi coloured scarf knitted for charity by members of the cast, production crew and fans, approx. 29 feet in length.
Estimate £300-400

Lot 115
Doctor Who
A VOGIAN GUARDS costume from the episode Revenge Of The Cybermen starring Tom Baker.
Estimate £500—600

Lot 127
Doctor Who
A large collection of scripts for episodes from Hartnell to McCoy, some signed, episodes include, Shada, Tomb Of The Cybermen, Genesis Of The Daleles, The Daleles Master Plan and the complete four episodes of Planet The Giants. Approx 20.
Estimate £1000—1500

Lot 129
Doctor Who
A mounted display of autographs and corresponding pictures of seven actors Who have played the Doctor; Williain Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.
Estimate £200—300

Lot 130
Doctor Who
A toy Tardis manufactured by Denys fisher circa 1976 complete with original box, together with original Doctor Who and Giant Robot figures. Tardis measures approx. 8 x 13 inch. (boxed), figures approx. 10 inch. in height. (4)
Estimate £100-150

Thursday 1 February 2018

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 13th to 14th November 1996 Entertainment sale

 I recently found this vintage auction catalogue on eBay for one of Bonhams Entertainment sales from 1994.

As this is pre-the digital age, this catalogue is the only public record of the sale, so an interesting look back on what was on offer in those times gone by.

Lot 161
A life-size, to scale and detailed replica of the masterful leader of
the Daleks, with electronic voice changer.
Estimate £300 - 400

Lot 162B
Original Dalek from ‘Destiny Of The Daleks’, this Dalek has been
completely restored to its present day condition.
Lcttcr of history accompanies this lot.
Estimate £800 - 1,200