Thursday 1 February 2018

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 13th to 14th November 1996 Entertainment sale

 I recently found this vintage auction catalogue on eBay for one of Bonhams Entertainment sales from 1994.

As this is pre-the digital age, this catalogue is the only public record of the sale, so an interesting look back on what was on offer in those times gone by.

Lot 161
A life-size, to scale and detailed replica of the masterful leader of
the Daleks, with electronic voice changer.
Estimate £300 - 400

Lot 162B
Original Dalek from ‘Destiny Of The Daleks’, this Dalek has been
completely restored to its present day condition.
Lcttcr of history accompanies this lot.
Estimate £800 - 1,200

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