Friday 6 January 2012

The Twelve REGENERATIONS Of Christmas

If you regularly follow my blogs, you may have seen The Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas strand that I have been running on the Eleventh Doctor blog.

I have been sharing a mixture of fun things you might have missed; stuff from my archive; and a few new revelations.

As well as new series stuff, I have touched on some classic Who.

Here are the entries of Forth Doctor interest worth look over.

Day four
Since a lot of people would not have seen my original posting here, I shared my childhood scrapbooks.

These were assembled towards the end of the Pertwee era and into the early part of Tom’s.

Amongst the gems on show was my treasured signed copy of the Doctor Who And The Loch Ness Monster Target novel (see right).

Day eight
I took a trip back through all the surviving costume designs I could find for the Doctor.

I found two for Tom – one by james Acheson,; the other by legendary June Hudson.

I took a look back at the 1970s BBC vt Christmas tapes that were assembled for the infamous Xmas parties.
One contained a specially shoot skit with Tom Baker and Mary Tamm; another featured a dalek.

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