Friday 29 June 2012

Dacorum College - 50th Anniversary

You may know that once a week I attend college in Hemel Hempstead, where I have been learning hand-tailoring as well as improving my all-round sewing skills.

The college has been going for many years now, and I recently discovered it is celebrating its own 50th anniversary, one year before The Doctor celebrates his.

As part of the look back over the past 50 years, some has put together a series of boards, covering the past five decades.
Each includes some genre series and films, and two of them feature the intrepid Time Lord.

The 1960s
Listed here are: The Avengers, Barbarella, Star Trek, the moon landing, pop art, Berlin wall built, The Monkees, Psycho, Vietnam war protests, Twiggy, The Prisoner, Mods, Rockers, Batman TV show, The Sound Of Music, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kennedy assassination, Charles Manson, Bob Dylan, Woodstock, The Profumo affair, The Graduate, Civil rights movement, Motown, Mary Quant

The 1970s
Listed here are: Blaxplotation, Vietnam war ends, Doctor Who, Richard Nixon, Saturday Night Fever, Punk rock, The Godfather, Idi Amin, ABBA, Bruce Lee, 1970 World Cup, Harold Wilson, Bjorn Borg, Bloody Sunday, World Trade Centre, Space Invaders, Jaws, Evil Knievel, Stephen King, Alex Haley, Trevor Francis, Star Wars, Ali vs. Forman, Disco

The 1980s
Listed here are: Tim Burton’s Batman, Ian Botham, Thriller, Pope John Paul II, The Hand of God, Shuttle disaster, Freddy Krueger, Carl Lewis, Mike Stson, Sigourney Weaver, Mikhail Gorbachov, Madonna, Steffi Graf, Berlin wall falls, The Royal wedding, Margaret Thatcher, Dallas, Tiananmen Square, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Salman Rushdie, Indiana Jones, Live Aid, Public Enemy, Hillsborough, New Romantics, Ronald Reagan

The 1990s
Listed here are: Tiger Woods, Tony Blair, Kurt Cobain, Dolly the sheep, Mandela released, Desert storm, Oklahoma bomber, George Bush, The Matrix, Britpop, Baywatch, Hannibal Lecter, Bill Clinton, Paul Gascoigne, Jurassic Park, OJ Simpson trial, Britney Spears, Friends, The Spice Girls, Lara Croft, James Bond, Helen Fielding, Columbine massacre, Death of Diana, Rwandan genocide, JK Rowling

The 2000s
Listed here are: The Apprentice, Doctor Who, Usain Bolt, Derren Brown, Gordon Brown, 9/11 Al-Qaeda attacks, Barack Obama, Avatar, HBO, Reality TV, Jose Mourinho, Apple iProducts, George W Bush, Stieg Larsson, The Strokes, Slumdog Millionaire, Death of Michael Jackson, Vladimir Puitin, The Dark Knight, Lady Gaga, Lost, Virginia Tech massacre, Facebook, The Lord Of The Rings


  1. I found these sewing patterns online and they look like Tom's S14 wine frock coat and the season 18 vest...would you consider doing a run of the season 13 frock coat.

    1. i meant to post this:

    2. That really isn't the best pattern to work from. Trust me.
      I used it as the basis for my Five Coat, but had to change almost every panel of the pattern to achieve the result I did.

      The assembly instructions are also very bad and misdirected me on frock coat construction.

      Things have changed VASTLY for me since and I have a MUCH better pattern to use and have cracked the secrets of making a good frock coat - so a season 13 coat could very much be on the cards at some point.

      email me direct at if you want to talk seriously of commissioning one.