Friday 12 April 2013

Getting my ducks in a row

You’d have hopefully seen my completed Fourth Doctor costume.

One thing which finishes of the ensemble and is the icing on the cake are my set of flying duck brooches!

They are something I have always associated with the coat, but now I look back over photographs and episodes they only appeared in one adventure, The Power Of Kroll.

I’ve been looking around for a decent set, and along the way have picked up some suitable candidates.

Here’s what I found.

This was the first set I found, and I’ve seen several sets of these on eBay.

Cast in resin, the colouring is very stark and cartoon-like. I can’t help thinking of Daffy Duck when I see them.

As a quick place-holder set they fitted the bill very well, but I was always going to be on the look out for a better design.

A set identical to these are on the coat on display at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.
This set are quite a bit smaller my the first set I bought, but are just as effective.

They are more like the ceramic versions original seen in the 1970s.

I like them, but am not too keen in the blue colouring.
This is actually the latest set I have bought and are a more stylised design.

I think they are actual ceramic, so I’m pretty sure they date from the 1970s or 1980s.

The colouring is much nicer, in oatmeal and brown with a touch of green.

They are wonderfully kitsch!
This final set are the same moulding as the blue ducks above, but are painted in a more subtle colour scheme, akin to the brown tones of the period set I recent purchased.

The way they have been painted and partly rubbed off, gives them a nice aged appearance.

These are my personal favourite and are the ducks I currently have on my coat.

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