Wednesday 30 July 2014

Alternative 4th Doctor costume t-shirt

Back in 2011 Forbidden Planet started releasing a range of t-shirt based on The Doctor’s costumes.

They soon released all twelve Doctors, and have kept the idea alive by doing a few of the peripheral characters as well.

Now they are going back over a few of The Doctors, creating some of the alternative costume variations seen down the years.

You can now get the Fourth Doctor - but as seen in the ever popular adventure, The City Of Death.

From the image on the website I’m not sure about the colour of that waistcoat; and I’m no expert, but is that the right variant of scarf to go with that costume?

At least they got the brooch correct!
4th Doctor costume t-shirt


  1. Yeah, that's the Season 16/17 scarf. Some of the joins were pretty rough where they removed panels from the middle of the scarf.

    I actually tried to make a pattern to replicate the way those rough joins look.

  2. Yes that is the correct scarf, lapels, and waistcoat as seen in City of Death.