Saturday 25 May 2013

Herbert Johnson hat on eBay

Over the past months I have been highlighting many ORIGINAL costume pieces that have cropped up on eBay.
I deliberately try to keep this to screen-worn or used items, as it is possible to stray into a multitude of fan-made (but vey nice) copies which are just a distraction.

But today I found something worth looking at.

I must emphasis this is NOT screen worn, but is near identical to the Herbert Johnson fur felt fedora which debuted in The Brain Of Morbius in 1976.
It looks to be contemporary to the time, since Herbert Johnson stopped making this particular hat many years ago.

Here is the listing info on the hat.

Doctor Who - Tom Baker
original Herbert Johnson hat

Here we have an identical style of fur felt, broad brimmed floppy hat as worn by Tom Baker when he was Doctor Who.

It is made by the same make of bespoke hatters, Herbert Johnson and was made in the 1970’s. These hats are very rare.

This hat has been stored for many years and is in excellent condition.

The hat size is 6 and 5/8 and is dark/bottle green in colour.

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