Friday 19 July 2013

EVEN MORE 4th Doctor items on eBay

It’s been a bit quiet lately for original Fourth Doctor items on eBay, but I have come across one thing worth looking at.

It’s a costume design from The Brain Of Morbius by L Rowland Warne.

A similar costume design was sold on eBay back in March (see right).

That was just a good colour copy, but this one is the original.

Brain Of Morbius
Costume design
SOLD FOR £411.50
after sold for £944.61 to non-payer

This is an original costume design drawing from the 1975 Doctor Who serial the Brain of Morbius.

It is a finely detailed piece, in pencils and watercolour. There is a small tear to the top edge which fortunately doesn’t encroach onto the artwork itself and one or two minor bumps in the paper which I’m sure will come out once the artwork is framed.

These are small flaws in what is an incredibly well preserved piece of Doctor Who history. Written on the back is: “Ohica + outdoor robe hat as 2nd sisters” The piece measures 295mm x 410mm.

I obtained it from a well known collector in 2002, and it has remained in storage ever since. A piece of artwork as exquisite as this deserves to be on display as the centrepiece of someone’s collection.

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