Monday 12 August 2013

Doctor Who? Doctor Vera!

I’ve just seen a trailer for the new series of Vera on ITV.
It stars Brenda Blethyn as Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope of Northumbria & City Police.

I was struck by her costume, which bears an uncanny resemblance of the Fourth Doctor’s wardrobe.

She is wearing a heavy wool overcoat with large buttoned lapels; a fishing-type hat, which could be mistaken for a fedora (okay, from a distance!); and a long(ish) multi-coloured scarf!

The colour palette of the scarf isn’t that far off from Tom’s classic season twelve look.

Just like Tom, she seems to sometimes wear it looped around her neck, or on occasions just draped around her shoulders.

When it is just around her shoulders, it does look quite long.

Now, ironically, Tenth Doctor costume designer Louise Page is currently working on series four of Vera, which was commissioned before series three had even been broadcast!

She did not design for series three, and has inherited the established costume. It’s like The Doctor is following her around....

Here, while it remains online, is the full trailer.

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