Saturday 3 August 2013

The best Romana cosplayer - EVER!

Just got back from Project Motor Mouth 2 and had the most fantastic day seeing no less than TWELVE classic series companions.

One in particular I was keen to meet was Lalla Ward, who I adored as Romana.

I cheekily asked if she would pose in my Tom Baker Frock Coat and recreate her photo from Destiny Of The Daleks - and she said yes!

It was a great thrill to see her wearing it - and I love this comparison!

Retouching by Lucian Hughes

Thanks Lalla - you MADE MY DAY!


  1. Steve, I am so jealous right now! But you've made my day by posting the picture. I keep hoping that Gallifrey One can convince Lalla to eventually come over one year...

  2. Fantastic..! She seems lovely.

  3. How great is this! She seems like a delightful person... and looks fantastic! A terriffic sport too!
    Nicely done sir!