Friday 16 October 2015

Season 12 Corduroy jacket -
great eBay find

Once in a while a curious item pops up on eBay, often without fanfare or with any apparent value attributed to it.

Ryan, one of my readers spotting a vintage jacket that caught his attention, and certainly piqued mine.

Corduroy Coat Fitted Jacket - 40" Chest
Used Vintage Condition. Unlaundered.
Corduroy Fitted Coat Jacket.

One Button missing at front (bottom button)

Chest 40" (Approx) Small / Medium

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Now, I’m sure you can see the more than marked resemblance to the jacket worn in season 12, which is of a similar dark red corduroy fabric, with many matching design details.

I’ll be the first to point out its lacking, which include pointed 1970s collar; the sleeves do not have elbow patches; it lacks the curious pocket detail on the sleeve; the back does not have pleats under the yolk.

But you got to admit the overall shilouette of the jacket is perfect and has a loose fit without cutting in at the waist.

The four boxed front pockets with button-down flaps are uncanny and just like Tom’s jacket.

Ryan was happy for me to buy the jacket, as it was a size that wouldn’t fit him and it would certainly be helpful to me to see a genuine period 1970s jacket of this cut to understand the construction of the pockets and get the same style of fit.

The listing says it is a chest 40, and I am a chest 42 so it may well be tight on me, but we’ll see once it turns up as I closed the deal already!

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  1. Great find! That's the closest match I've ever seen. I'm working on making my own season 12 jacket, so I've been studying it quite closely the past year or two. :)