Sunday 20 March 2016

Sunday puzzler - Fourth Doctor DVD sleeve

This DVD set came out November last year as a HMV exclusive.
It’s nothing super special - just three classic Fourth Doctor adventures bundled up in a card box.

It includes his first outings Robot, plus two early classics, Genesis of the Daleks and Pyramid of Mars.

The box art is nicely done, and sits well with the other two similar sets for the Third and Fifth Doctors.

But I have a little quiz question for you - and I’ll give you the full answer this time next week.

What’s wrong - or should I say, has been put right about the portrait shot of Tom Baker?

Post your answers in the comments below, and come back this time next week for the reveal - and how I helped!
Doctor Who: An Introduction to the Fourth Doctor (hmv Exclusive)


  1. His hair is different??
    Mabye he is a different season??

  2. The photo of Tom is from Season 18, but with his earlier, multi-coloured scarf added!