Monday 27 September 2010

Cameo Auction - 23rd May 2010

Searching back through the old auctions I have covered in my blogs, I came across this one at Cameo Auctioneers near Reading. I also then found a sale I did not know about at the time, and here are the Fourth Doctor era items form both sales.

Lot 144
Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor. 
A pair of brown leather shoes worn throughout the series.
£200 - 300

Lot 145
Underworld, 1978. 
A beige suit used by James Maxwell in the series.
Labelled James Maxwell.
Estimate: £400 - 500

Lot 221
A Grey Frock Coat used by Tom Baker in unknown episode of Doctor Who.

Estimate: £1000-1200
Lot 241 - Doctor Who. A pair of boots used by Tom Baker as The Doctor, from the BBC wardrobe.

Estimate: £150-200

Lot 242
Doctor Who Robots of Death 1977
Ethnic poncho from the BBC wardrobe.

Estimate: £200-300

Lot 245
Doctor Who Ribos Operation 1978
A Water Bottle used by the character Unstoffe.

Estimate: £200-250

Lot 292 
Doctor Who. Tom Baker
A frock coat used by Tom Baker in season 15.

Estimate: £500-600


  1. Thanks for this. Nice to have close shots on the shoes and boots. I never even SAW the Cameo items before. Though I'm puzzled by both of these frock coats as I don't recall Tom ever wearing them. But I'm in the middle of re-watching Season 15 right now so I'll keep looking in case I've forgotten....

  2. Those shoes are not the ones Tom Baker wore during doctor who. The one she wore had a different pattern and are long wing tip brogues not those. Cameo auctioneers are no longer trading as they were fraudulent.