Tuesday 25 December 2012

Midnight -
fancy dress competition portraits

As part of the Midnight convention I entered the fancy dress competition.
I wasn’t aiming to win - the fun of taking part was enough.

As part of of the judging, a portrait photographer took all our pictures.

I really liked the picture Marco, the photographer, took of me.
Here the picture, and the rest of the entries.

Portrait © www.marcopereira.co.uk
I’ve tried to fill in as many names as possible, but I have gaps.
If you are one of the uncredited entries or know who they are -
let me know.
Portraits © www.marcopereira.co.uk
Tenth Doctor (Cherry Koivula); Tenth Doctor; Tenth Doctor and Rose; Tenth Doctor (Richard Ashton) and Rose (Tors Webster); Dinner Lady Rose (Kirstin Richardson)

Portraits © www.marcopereira.co.uk
Silence; Cyber Shade (Scott Richard Mason); Ood and Captain Jack; Sycorax (Lydia Matts); Jade (Rhiannon Walker)
Portraits © www.marcopereira.co.uk
Sarah Jane and K-9 (Wendy Seymour); Femme TARDIS; Sharaz Jek and Peri; Seventh Doctor; Sixth Doctor (Paul Devine)

Portraits © www.marcopereira.co.uk
River; Toshiko Sato and Gwen Cooper; Rory Williams (Mark Ivey); Captain Jack

Portraits © www.marcopereira.co.uk
Femme Dalek; Empty Child; Junior Cyberman (Lynsey Stratton); Lady Cassandra and Chip (Luke Walker); Silurian (Jemma Bell); Robot Santa

The rest of the entries can be seen here
The full story of my time at Midnight,
can be read here

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